About Us

International Commerce Development Corporation (ICDC) was founded in 1992 and has grown into a respected global consulting enterprise. ICDC is led by founder and president Ambassador Gregory J. Newell, who served as The United States Ambassador to Sweden and U.S. Assistant Secretary of State. As a high-level international business strategist he is regarded as both an effective articulator and persuasive communicator by senior level executive, governmental, and business professionals. Ambassador Newell has served 4 U.S. Presidents, and has successfully developed and executed aggressive strategic and tactical growth plans for over 80+ clients in 100+ Countries.

ICDC aggressively accelerates international expansion for both U.S. and international companies. Working together with a team of seasoned international business professionals that span the globe from Hong Kong to New York to Paris, ICDC develops and executes business expansion strategies across industries and international geographies.

By utilizing its extensive network of international relationships and providing discreet high-level access to government, business, legal, executive search, public relations and media professionals to facilitate and expedite the meeting of the Client's defined objectives, Newell and his ICDC colleagues consistently deliver successful results, quickly establishing and projecting credibility for their Clients.

What people have said about the Founder of ICDC:

An outstanding person with many great contacts."

  - J.W. Marriott, Chairman, Marriott Corporation

I know Gregory Newell personally...an outstanding job as our ambassador."

  - Senator Bob Dole

Direct, forthright and candid...his response to questions is ready, concise and restricted to the subject...is widely regarded to be intelligent, knowledgeable and alert."

  - Richard J. Litell, TWA Magazine

Ambassador Newell represents the United States with imagination, energy, and skill...he has my full personal confidence."

  - Ronald Reagan

His contributions...have been important...he deserves much credit for substantial improvements."

  - George Shultz, former Secretary of State

I have high regard and appreciation for Greg Newell's superb efforts."

  - George Bush

A peerless effort on my behalf."

  - Gerald Ford

An outstanding person with many great contacts."

  - J.W. Marriott, Chairman, Marriott Corporation

During his tenure, Mr. Newell presided over the United States withdrawal from Unesco as a result of serious problems that plagued that agency administratively and politically."

  - Senator Ted Kennedy